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Hybrid Boat O2 of Latitude Verte

What are the advantages of a hybrid boat?

The hybrid boat is a recent solution for ship owners who, like us, are looking to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying optimal sailing comfort for their passengers. Although the popularity of hybrid boats is increasing, still too few shipping companies invest in this technology, mainly due to the initial extra cost of the boat compared to a traditional boat (with a better return on investment).

But with electric and diesel propulsion, these boats offer significant ecological advantages over traditional boats, and unparalleled comfort for passengers!

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Spirit National Park of Port-Cros

Guided by the values of sharing an authentic experience, and respect for the environment, we have obtained the "National Park Spirit" label from the National Park.

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Our eco-responsible commitments

Aware of the impact of tourism on the environment, and in order to best preserve our beautiful region, Latitude Verte is committed and strives to limit its environmental impact as much as possible.