Hybrid Boat for Golden Isles

Our eco-responsible commitments

Aware of the impact of tourism on the environment, and in order to best preserve our beautiful region, Latitude Verte is committed and strives to limit its environmental impact as much as possible.

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Hybrid Propulsion boat allowing electric navigation limiting C0₂ emission and noise pollution within the National Park and sensitive sites.

Aluminium shell: 100% recyclable material and infinite without loss of quality.

🎨 The boat is painted entirely with solvent-free paint.

💡The boat's lighting is low consumption thanks to the use of LED bulbs.

👂Acoustic optimisation of the vessel to reduce the impact of noise and vibration on the environment and provide an improved experience for passengers and crew.

💩 Black water tanks: No waste discharges into the natural environment.

🤮 Use of biodegradable vomit bags.

🥛 Use of disposable cups made of recyclable cardboard.

♻️ Waste separation bins on board.

🍃 Our cleaning products (degreaser, surface, glass, deck and sanitary cleaner ), hand and body soap, hand towels and toilet paper are European Eco Label certified products.

😇 Raising passengers' awareness of responsible driving in the heart of the Park.

👨🏫 Educational commentary highlighting the sites visited and making passengers aware of the dangers to these ecosystems.

🌳 Our tickets and brochures are printed on responsibly sourced and sustainable paper that is Bisphenol A free

⚓️ Our moorings will only be carried out in areas without posidonia or large pearls.

🚳 We do not take bicycles on board.



At Latitude Verte, we are deeply committed to the preservation of the environment. Since our creation in 2019, we have chosen a human size for our boat in order to limit our impact on the island of Porquerolles, in response to the problem of tourist overcrowding. In 2021, we have strengthened this commitment by joining the regulation of access to the island and limiting the number of passengers on board our boat on days of overcrowding. We are proud to contribute to the protection of this unique territory and we adhere to the measures for a sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism.

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Guided by the values of sharing an authentic experience, and respect for the environment, we have obtained the "National Park Spirit" label from the National Park.